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Renewal of Marriage Vows Ceremonies are for married couples wanting to reaffirm the commitment they made to each other in marriage renewing the promises you made to one another on that significant occasion and acknowledge your love for each other.

It is a wonderful experience to celebrate a love that has matured and withstood the many challenges that life throws at us. A Renewal Ceremony or Re-affirmation of Vows can be held at any time during your marriage. Many couples choose a special anniversary. Perhaps other reasons for choosing to have a renewal ceremony are that friends and family could not attend your original wedding or you were married overseas.

Participants can be children, family and special friends. Memories from your wedding day such as re-using your wedding rings for vows, or your original vows, readings or songs can be included. You may wish to exchange gifts to commemorate the occasion.

You can celebrate with family and friends and as large a number of people or as small a number of people as you wish.

It would be an honour to assist you as we design a warm and meaningful Renewal of Vows Ceremony as you renew the bonds of love and devotion within your marriage. I provide the same level of service as for a marriage ceremony except without the legal requirements and documentation.

At the conclusion of the ceremony you will be presented with a Renewal of Vows Certificate along with a beautifully printed copy of your Renewal of Vows Ceremony.

Commitment Ceremonies

Not all couples are able to marry for social or legal reasons. In this case a Commitment Ceremony can be a beautiful way to express your feelings and love for one another. It is about respecting each other’s individual beliefs and talents and working together to create a future together and a loving home. You may want to exchange vows and promises to each other and exchange rings as a sign of your love and commitment to each other.

There are all manner of rituals which you can incorporate into commitment ceremonies which may include candle lighting, hand fasting, a wine or sand ceremony, rose ceremony, ring warming, gift-giving between the couple, or any number of other special rituals to choose from.

A special Commitment Certificate will be presented at the conclusion of the ceremony along with a beautifully printed copy of the ceremony.

I will assist you in designing a ceremony that will reflect your love and commitment to each other and to make the ceremony a memory to cherish.

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