Naming Ceremonies


Naming or Name giving ceremonies are now becoming very popular as an alternative to baptisms.

Most naming ceremonies are conducted for babies, although they can be at any time.  These have no legal requirement and I am happy to discuss your wishes and create a ceremony that reflects your requirements.

A Naming Ceremony not only introduces and acknowledges your baby’s chosen name; it is also an expression of your love, support and encouragement. It can also be an opportunity to acknowledge the role of others who will have a specific role in your child’s life such as siblings, grandparents and friends. It is an opportunity to appoint Godparents or Guardians. It is a wonderful time for a deepening of family relationships and a time for nurturing love and togetherness.

Your options are endless.

It will be my joy and delight to create for you a ceremony which recognises your love, hopes and wishes for your child. I will guide you through the planning stages of your ceremony as we email draft copies and speak personally as drafts are edited until your ceremony is complete and one that you will cherish.

A Naming Certificate will be presented to your child along with Presentation Certificates to your child’s Godparents or Guardians.
Additional certificates can be organised to give to those you may wish to acknowledge such as Grandparents, Uncles and Aunts.

A beautifully presented copy of your ceremony is my gift to you as a keep-sake of your child’s special occasion

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